Important Notice

Have you ever thought that a guitar always requires some maintenance?

And that you lose some time and money each time you have to go to the luthier to make these adjustments?

Have you ever thought that if you have more than one guitar and you have to do this maintenance once a year, and you are spending a lot of resources?

At FRATERMUSIC we are of the opinion that every guitar player should know how to calibrate their guitars; do a setup.

As we know there are people (like you) who want to know more about your instrument, we are organizing GUITAR / Bass SETUP training workshops.

Although we prefer the Porto area, we can do this kind of training all over the country.

In addition we will make a economic workshop, and with the advantage that you will make the setup in one of your guitars (taking part in the course and you are already saving money)

We will open vacancies of this formation according to those interested. Stay tuned for the news.

If you are interested contact us!