Electric Acoustic Bass Lessons

Electric / Acoustic / Bass Guitar Lessons

Lessons (1 hour duration) 

Individual - 37 € / month 

2 students - 25 € / month 

For all ages. Any degree of learning. Any kind of music. Classical, acoustic and electric guitar. 

Children Lessons


Lessons (1 to 2 hours duration) 

Individual - 25 € / month 

2 students - 20 € / month 

Children up to 10 years old. Any kind of music. Classical, acoustic and electric guitar. 


Enhancement Pack

Enhancement Pack

Lessons (4 lessons. 1 Hour each) 

Individual - 40 € / month 

Technical, theoretical improvement, learning scales, chords, harmony, solo guitar. Electric guitar, acoustic, jazz, rock, metal, blues, world music. 

Important Notice

These are based on a modern and effective method. Teaching is done according to the student's preferences and musical abilities. One can learn rock; Blues; Popular music; Jazz; Pop; Heavy metal; Brazilian music. Just follow the wishes of the student. 

Classes are private or in groups of 2 people; according to each one's capabilities. That is, we have instrument initiation classes as advanced degrees for those who want to improve their skills. It is not a rigid system, but created for each student. 

Guitar lessons last 1h00 per week and are theoretical and practical. 

Tuition includes support material: lesson sheets, software, technical support for the instrument. 

The student can start classes at any time of the year. Schedules are flexible and agreed with the teacher. If the student misses a class, it may be given at another time.


All repairs; setups; and other services have a discount for our students.