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How to remove pegs from acoustic guitars.

How many times have you tried to remove the pegs from your acoustic guitar and it has become a punishment to do this task?

How many times have you broken a peg while trying to remove it?

Well, we’re going to give you a simpler and more efficient method to remove the pegs from your guitar without breaking them!

Place your guitar on a flat, firm surface. we recommend using a support to hold the arm:



1st If a peg is stuck, the ideal would be to cut the strings on your guitar, or release them using the tuners.


2nd Insert your hand through the mouth of the guitar and find where the bottom part of the peg is that refuses to come out.


3rd Using a wooden stick or pliers, gently strike the right spot to remove the peg.


4th Most of the time the peg comes out easily, in others it will be recommended to help with the peg remover that usually comes with the string winder. If you don’t have one, use  pliers.


5th Now that the peg has been removed you can attach the rope. Make sure it goes in without any problems or you will need to use fine sandpaper on the peg (or hole) so that all the pegs are the same size.


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